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Author: Filiberto Amati

Making sense of Brand ArchitectureProbably brand architecture is the branding framework that non-marketers have the most difficult comprehending. While as consumers they are probably used to experiencing brand architectures, in the author’s experience, non-marketers really tend to associate the tool to the infamous lipstick on the pig. Interestingly enough, general

The risks of a narrow view of digital transformationThe notion of digital is a misleading, ethereal, almost uncatchable concept, which comes with no clear threshold on its domain, with no clear boundaries. Sometimes it means everything, some others it really is used as an empty concept.The issue is not really

Six symptoms your organization is killing innovation: What we can learn from IDEO’s Innovation Vectors Based on their quarter of a century experience in innovation and design thinking, IDEO recently embarked in a quest to validate an innovation framework, which they empirically experienced in their day-to-day work. They translated their insights