Blurring Boundaries

We help companies navigate blurring boundaries by building more relevant, robust, and sustainable growth.

In this era of exponential change and VUCA conditions, we help firms strive in this emerging landscape.

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Our Services


Developing stonger, more relevant, purposeful brands.


Co-creating products and services, ventures and organizations that deliver both top- and bottom-line growth.

Commercial Excellence

Supporting international expansion, exports and at-home commercial developments.


Developing creative future scenarios, trend scouting and scanning of relevant weak signals.

Our Team

Elisabetta Borghi

Fashion, Retail

Milan, Italy.

Rafael Escanez

Sales, Business Development

Madrid, Spain.

Ralph Talmont

Branding, Innovation

Warsaw, Poland.

Marco Bevolo

Branding, Futures, Foresight

Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Filiberto Amati

Branding, Strategy

Warsaw, Poland.

Our Clients

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Digital Products: Knowledge Pills

Brand Design

Brand Design Pill

Brand Design is the third pillar of Strategic Brand Management, after Brand Positioning and Brand Architecture. Of the three, it is often more complex to understand for those with less experience with design. In our short lecture, we introduce the notion of Brand Design and its components through theory and examples. Conveniently on-demand. At your own pace. Design plays a mission-critical role in branding and is instrumental in creating relevant consumer experiences by providing the context for Brands and Products to fulfill their missions. Knowledge pills because you need to know!

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