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Which role will #AI – Artificial Intelligence play in #healthcare?

Which role will #AI – Artificial Intelligence play in #healthcare?

Can Artificial Intelligence replace medical and healthcare professionals?

Will patients accept to be diagnosed and cured by Artificial Intelligence – enabled robots? Not an easy question to answer! During the latest Wolves Summit, I was part of a very interesting panel on the future of healthcare, in which we tried to assess which role can artificial intelligence play in the sector. The discussion was moderated by Justyna Uman-Ntuk, co-founder of MEDmeetsTech, a polish platform to connect healthcare professionals with tech entrepreneurs. Among the other esteem panelists: Piotr Orzechowski, CEO of Infermedica, which develops artificial intelligence products for healthcare; Maciej Malenda, Open Innovation director of Medicover, a private healthcare provider in Germany, Poland, Romania and Ukraine; and Wojciech Radomski, CEO of StethoMe, an AI-powered connected diagnostic device.

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