Strengthening your organization commercial capability at home and abroad

Route-to-market Optimization

We assist our clients in taking back control of their route to market, by focusing on their commercial expenditures, by helping them in re-thinking how they generate revenues. Tough negotiations often lead to tactical, short term, choices, which result in over-investing in one account, or allocating too much budget in a limited ROI promotional activity. By looking at the channel mix, account mix, and promotional mix, we help our customers in delivering year-over-year growth of 3-7% just by re-allocating more efficiently their budgets.
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While many companies are able to export, by tactically selling pallets and containers abroad, the internationalization process requires more thinking. For example by making strategic decision on where to launch investing. And how to invest; and how to position our brands. And with whom to partner. We help our clients figure all those aspects at the beginning of the process; o by taking the recommending changes when the process is not delivering the expected results.
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Commercial Diagnostic

A strategy is good as long as it combines strong intuition and a good understanding of local route to market realities. Our market diagnostic aims at delivering substantial quantitative and qualitative fact-based analysis, so that the strategic process might rely on a more solid basis. We audit the modern trade and the traditional one. We look at trends across multiple channels. We take the standpoint of our customers and their customers. We look at competitors and their promotional activity.
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New Market Entry

Launching a new brand in an existing crowded category, in a foreign route to market set-up, while working with a third party distributor, can be as challenging as launching a brand new category of products. We deliver strong strategic and executional recommendations, so that the launch gets on the radar screen of the distributor’s organization; so that it becomes more important for the trade partners; and in a way that generates a wow effect with consumers.
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