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Our Approach to Innovation

Innovation is a big concept – and a fairly misunderstood one. Many so-called innovation experts promote a view of organizations which are mostly made by non-innovative people, whose only objective is to corner innovative employees to challenge their ability to effect change.

We believe that every organization can innovate, although a company’s DNA, culture, reward system, heavily impact the success rate and likelihood of an innovative idea. We work with our clients as innovation catalyst, by offering the extra muscle when they have too many parallel priorities, or by proposing a different point of view, when an innovation project requires an external perspective.


Innovation catalyst

In the short term we help our customers, by shacking their innovation processes. First of all, by being a catalyst for outside-in concepts and ideas: we co-design, co-create, and build business cases for new products, new categories, new business and transformed business models. We combine design thinking approached with traditional management consulting tools, to ensure relevance and solidity of the solutions. Our innovation work is upstream and downstream the process: we advise companies in developing the “new” as well as in launching it in a way that “crosses the chasm”.



In the long term we help identifying the three components of the innovation machine: the culture, which is the hardware on which everything else is built. The process, which is the operating systems, that  defines how well the resources are utilised. The talent, which is the layer of applications transforming the inputs into output.  These three pillars need always to be coordinated, but they often are not: how any times a newly designed culture for innovation is met by a compensation system rewarding successes only? How can a company innovate, while a failed innovation project converts in a failed career?