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Our Approach to Purposeful and Relevant Branding

With the emergence of blurred category and lifestyle boundaries, brand purpose and relevance became a matter of survival. In a world where consumers will delegate repeat purchases to an AI-based virtual assistant, many brands risk extinction by algorithm and they are not even aware of the peril.

AStrong and unique purpose, combined to a return to strategic thinking, rather then content driven low hanging fruit, is what the future of brands will offer. Uniqueness and consumer-centric solution will be derived from and filtered by the brand positioning, not by an opportunistic approach to PR, likes and followers.


House of brands or branded house?

Selecting the right brand architecture is key to ensure synergies and isolate risks, to speed-up multi-category development, as well as ensure an optimal portfolio strategy. A brand architecture is a key enabler of a multi-segment strategy, allowing a brand to keep consistency and relevancy with diverse and distinct consumer target groups. A collection of our recent posts on branding is accessible here.



Positioning and re-positioning a brand is a complex exercise, half-way between craft and science. A good positioning combines strong and proprietary consumer insights, with unique and discriminant benefits, while ensuring a proper a believable message architecture. A collection of our recent posts on branding is accessible here.

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Rituals are highly emotional – hence fertile – environment to build consumer brands. They are also very repetitive and predictable, which is at the same time an opportunity for education and for brand activation. To learn more about rituals, please refer to this article on our blog or to this presentation on Slideshare (opens a new window)