Customer and Consumers are always
at the centre of our attention


We assist our clients in developing their growth strategies, at corporate, business unit, regional, portfolio or brand level.

We develop with our customers implementable solutions to their wicked problems, and support them and complement them in their branding, innovation and international expansion efforts.

In our consulting effort we always create an ad-hoc team which fits with the nuances of a specific issue, or regional context, or industry setting.

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We design and execute workshops with the objective of developing new strategies, selecting common routes, making decisions and building consensus among our client’s decision makers.

We also have developed proprietary tools to jump start the development of societal benefits for a brand, and consumption rituals for a specific target group.

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We actively co-create solutions with our clients and leading edge consumers, lead users and experts in their fields. We believe an outside -in approach is an effective and compelling way of building relevant and creative solutions.

We use co-creation to enrich and evaluate existing ideas or prototypes, co-design and co-develop new concepts, or just simply to generate and validate consumer insights.

We have executed co-creation in nearly 20 countries around the world.

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We are often asked by our customers to develop and execute training programs for their management in the areas of co-creation, innovation, branding and marketing planning.

Furthermore sometimes we are invited as guest speakers in our clients’ corporate meetings, to inspire, challenge and discuss about co-creation, rituals, branding and innovation.

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The Work

Some Examples

Brand Positioning

Our client is operating in the B2B services, although the brand is required to have a consumer acceptance as a “seal of approval”. In order to prepare for the next growth challenge, they contacted Amati & Associates to assist them in repositioning the brand. We kicked off the project by auditing the brand, while at the same time running a number of internal workshops and interviews to collect insights from most important stakeholders.

We then developed a positioning, which was progressively fine tuned through a number of working session with the board of directors and the management team.

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Co-creating a digital Ecosystem for reducing food waste

Our client is a global food producer, which is concerned with the spoilage of food happening at home and in the distribution channels. They engaged us to co-develop with their lead users a number of app ideas to help consumers reduce waste by consuming food or sharing it within their community.

The project comprised a series of co-creation sessions with lead users and designers.


Fueling growth through international development

Our client is a leader in the retail sector in their country, and where looking into expanding internationally. We assisted them in screening and prioritizing which countries to enter first, and then developed for them a market entry strategy, including the marketing positioning – based on local insights, the route to market, and the financial plan.

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Co-creating new forms in OTC

Our client is a global leader in consumer medical devices, and was developing a new franchise of products for the American market. They asked our support in validating their prototypes, while at the same time enriching existing ideas and developing new concepts.

In order to achieve these objectives, we have designed and executed a number of co-creation sessions in the north-east of USA, by inviting designers and lead users.


Consumption Rituals as a growth platfom

Our client is a global leader in the beverages sector, looking into expanding in Russia by developing new consumption rituals for their leading brand in the region. We assisted them in screening and prioritizing the consumption occasions per target group, identifying the most promising ones. And then we developed a number of activation rituals, through a series of internal workshops and co-creation sessions with young adults.

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Developing Global Leaders

For a global beer producer we have developed a training session to introduce their marketing departments to the basics of co-creation. The training covers both theoretical and practical aspects, by combining lessons with practical exercises.


Auditing the content strategy

Our client is a global leader in the B2B sector, in need to amplify their marketing efforts alongside their commercial activity. We assisted them in developing a digital strategy to complement and support their events-based communication strategy.

In this project we have worked together with the client’s marketing team in analyzing the situation and developing a new strategic platform for the firm.

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