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The rise of the artificially intelligent agent

The rise of the artificially intelligent agent

They never sleep. They know what we like. They are always at our service. In the consumer market we have recently seen the surge of a new breed: the artificially intelligent agent.

The present

What works as a concierge model for consumers will open up a whole new dimension on the enterprise level: the artificially intelligent manager. While current disruption in the market has allowed customers to dis-intermediate the middle-man in the value-chain, the incredible growth of options, is very often overwhelming. Hence the need for an intelligent approach, for a personal valet, who understands your needs and your constraints.

The Future

“In the future we won’t have to get familiar with un-intuitive software anymore. Instead, we will assign tasks to artificially intelligent agents with whom we cannutshell converse like humans and who have capabilities that reach far beyond human knowledge and computing power” , says Felicia, co-founder of 30SecondsToFly. Indeed because the increasing level of complexity, also entailed a de-humanization of the user interface. And as not everybody is an expert booker, critical is to be able to deal with someone who can help you in making the right choices.

Earlier this year, she and Riccardo Vittoria started working on “Claire” , a system for enterprises that revolutionizes the way business travel is managed. Claire is made of optimization and machine learning algorithms – she communicates with employees and managers, books policy-compliant business trips and provides insight into travel analytics. She is available 24/7 and watches over each step of the itinerary to proactively resolve problems, if delays or changes occur. “Claire is the travel manager of the future. She accompanies each employee on their business trips and helps the company to manage their travel more efficiently. ”, says Riccardo.

Implementation of Claire is a breeze for businesses. Employees just need to save Claire’s number to start texting with her. HR has access to a control panel where travel policies can be administered and easily be adjusted. Claire is integrated with the company’s expense management system and makes expensing travel seamless.  “We designed Claire as a non-intrusive, light travel management tool. She gives utmost flexibility to the business and amazing service to employees. She is hands-off but always there to have your back”, says Felicia.

Riccardo and Felicia met in March 2014 during a Fulbright seminar in Portland. Since then the two have founded another startup together, have won theBusinessman standing in front of drawn charts on a blackboard NYU Innovention competition and participated in the NYU Summer Launchpad accelerator. Both of them individually had plenty of startup experience before teaming up as they had founded their own startups in Rome  and in Berlin before.

The business model behind Claire is a so called freemium: Having her book travel for individual employees is free of charge. For accessing her travel management features and integrating her with enterprise software, businesses purchase a premium account based on subscription.

Early 2016, 30SecondsToFly is going to launch Claire. Before launch Riccardo and Felicia are going to onboard a small number of handpicked businesses to participate in their pilot with preferred conditions. If you are interested in joining the waitlist for the pilot, please send an email with a short description of your business to [email protected]

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