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The art of Strategic Brand Management

The art of Strategic Brand Management


Strategic brand management is an incredibly vast array of complementary disciplines, which aim at creating a bridge between consumers, customers and a firm’s vision. Nevertheless too often we associate only strategic brand management to the ‘look and feel’ and the ‘tone of voice’ part, while those represent the outcome of choices taken upstream in the process. And this is the part in which – more often – we focus as consultants: brand architecture and brand positioning.

It is important to highlight how brand architecture and positioning are intertwined among themselves: one open debate is about which comes first, a bit like the chicken and the egg conundrum. However our objective is not to solve this puzzle, rather to present in the Slideshare presentation, some of the thinking and frameworks we use in building and positioning brands. In the presentation brand architecture and brand positioning are presented as if they were two separate entities, while in reality they co-exist in balance, and a major shift in one, might require the second to reach a new point of equilibrium.

With regards to brand architecture, we have consciously left out the part of co-branding, which requires its own set of tools and frameworks. On the other end we decide not to specify which is the starting point of the brand positioning, because some times the end game is to develop an essence for the brand – in which case the natural starting point are the brand’s roots – some times our consulting clients see clearly what the essence of the brand is, and therefore the positioning aims at validating its relevance.  In either case a good consumer and customer understanding is necessary to ensure that the effort is focused and on-target, rather than being a preposterous exercise.

The presentation is downloadable in PDF in our free reports section.

Growth Adviser, Innovation Catalyst, Branding Architect, International Expansion Consultant. International change agent and leader, launched growth consulting boutique in 2012. We have four principal areas or intervention 1) Branding (e.g., positioning of new brands, re-positioning of existing brands, brand architecture and design) 2) Innovation (e.g., co-creation with consumers and experts, ideation, business planning, concept validation and fine-tuning) 3) International Expansion (e.g., countries screening and development of expansion plan, route to market strategy, portfolio) 4) Route to Market (e.g. marketing and commercial planning, portfolio analysis).

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