Amati & Associates Partners' publications


Amati, F., 2014. Co-creation: Mystery Solved!. CreateSpace.

Amati, F., 2014. Co-creazione: Mistero Risolto!. Lulu Press. (Italian)

Co-creation is nowadays an umbrella concept for many, diverse and often contradictory disciplines. This manuscript aims at providing the reader with the tools to understand co-creation, by providing a simple yet powerful framework to ask the relevant questions. In the words of the readers:

This lecture is a superb summary on co-creation. The author has balanced very well the theory combined with eye opening experiences, rich examples, simple illustrations and graphs. It is easy and fun to read.

This great work gives clear guidelines, directions, tools and advice on the concept. The book serves as a informative starting point on co-creation as well as a deep dive cook book. This is real standard work for marketeers, developers, strategists, researchers and for all who like to drive substantial and sustainable innovation.

The books are available at this url: English and Italian

Understanding Open Innovation

Amati, F., 2017. Understanding Open Innovation: a Primer. Kdp.

This publication aims at providing an overview of the Open Innovation notion, to students and practitioners. The portrayed standpoint is the academic one, with focus on published and reviewed research: while empirical findings and the author’s personal experiences are certainly overflowing in the text, the core of the publication is based on available third party research, whether that be empirical or theoretical. We begin our quest by looking at the definition and evolution of notion of innovation from an economic theory point of view. We then explore the evolution of Innovation in management, from a closed environment, to Collaborative Innovation, until an open ecosystem as established in Open Innovation theory. Finally we provide a definition of Open Innovation, while at the same time assessing its activities, archetypes and pillars.

The book is available for sale on Amazon