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What Is a Value Chain?

A value chain is an organization’s business model that describes the entire range of activities required to produce a product or service. A value chain consists of the steps involved in bringing a product from conception through distribution, such as procuring raw materials, manufacturing functions, and market­ing activities.

A company conducts a Value Chain Analysis by evaluating the detailed procedures and processes involved in each step of its business. A Value Chain Analysis aims to increase production efficiency to deliver maximum value for the lowest possible cost. Nevertheless, our template focuses on the value chain analysis of distribution and how our selling price converts into a customer price in the marketplace.

Companies must continually examine their value to maintain their competitive edge. A value chain helps a company identify areas of its business that need improvement and then implement strategies that maximize its efficiency and profitability.

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What is a pricing structure?

A price structure is fundamentally the distribution component of the Value Chain Analysis. It helps answer the price per SKU question by helping you understand the relationship between your product or service’s value and the costs associated with delivering it.

Your pricing structure defines your pricing setup for products or services, including your core prices plus discounts, offers, strategy, etc. Pricing is one of the most potent factors influencing how your company is perceived by outsiders and how quickly it might grow. A company that understands its buyer personas and the value of its products charges a fair price. The output of the paraphrase module is a list of sentences generated from the input text.

Every pricing strategy starts with an objective. If you want to change the purpose, you’ll have to change the structure, too, Whether you’re trying to break into a competitive market, selling a high-value and innovative product, catering to an array of buyer personas, or playing to a narrow audience, adapt your pricing structure according to the situation.

Our price structure template

Our template is developed for beverages and spirits but can easily be adapted to many types of consumer goods and services.

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