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Why Companies Choose an Interim Director:

In summary, an interim director is a strategic choice for companies needing experienced, high-level leadership on a temporary basis. They provide flexibility, specific expertise, and can be a catalyst for change, making them ideal for various situations where permanent hiring is not the best option.

Expertise for Specific Challenges:

Interim directors often bring specialized skills and knowledge that are crucial for addressing particular business challenges or projects.

Rapid Development:

Interim directors can be brought on board quickly to address immediate needs, providing a swift response to business challenges.


Companies can leverage the skills of interim directors for the duration required, without the long-term commitments associated with permanent hires.

Fresh Insights:

Being external to the company, interim directors can offer fresh, unbiased perspectives which can be invaluable in overcoming blind spots and entrenched ways of thinking.

Filling Leadership Gaps:

In cases of sudden departures or leaves of absence in key positions, interim directors can fill the gap, ensuring continuity of operations.

Change Management:

Interim directors are often adept at managing change, making them ideal for guiding companies through transitions, restructurings, or turnaround efforts.

When Companies Might Use an Interim Director?

Companies might choose to use an interim director for various strategic reasons and in specific circumstances. Here's an overview of when this approach is beneficial.

  • During Transition Periods: Such as mergers, acquisitions, or significant restructuring, where seasoned leadership is needed temporarily.
  • For Project Implementation: Especially for large, complex projects requiring specialized leadership and management.
  • In Crisis Situations: To navigate through periods of crisis or turnaround scenarios where experienced leadership is crucial.
  • For Maternity/Paternity or Sick Leave Cover: Filling in for key executives who are temporarily unavailable.
  • To Inject New Ideas: When a company seeks innovation or a fresh perspective in a particular department or area of business.
  • For Skill Gaps: When a company identifies a temporary skill gap in their leadership team that needs to be filled to achieve specific business goals.

Filiberto Amati Competences and Skills

Marketing/ Strategy
Marketing/ Market Research (Execution)
Large Teams Management (Hiring and Day-to-day)
P/L Management
Large Transformation Projects
Commercial Development


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Filiberto Amati's Credentials


Filiberto Amati, MBA, DBA

25 Years of Driving Brand Evolution and International Expansion on a Global Scale.

  • Based in: Warsaw, Poland
  • Extensive Experience in Public Speaking
  • First Interim Experience in 2007
  • Published Research available on Google Scholar

Professional Experience

Advisor, NED, Board Supervisory

2012 - Present

Amati & Associates, Warsaw, Poland

A&A, a distinctive boutique advisory firm, excels in steering growth, branding, and innovation. We transcend industry boundaries, driving expansion into new markets with our unique blend of actionable insights, strategic depth, and client-centric clarity. Our dual expertise from consultancy and in-house roles directly tackles the common grievances in client-consultant dynamics by emphasizing practical implementation. At the helm of over 50 client projects, I've led diverse teams (2-7 members) to notable achievements:

  • Orchestrated consumer co-creation to test OTC prototypes in the USA and devised beverage consumption rituals across Russia and Turkey.
  • Crafted the positioning for a nascent OTC brand in Spain/Germany and spearheaded the Polish introduction of an international brand.
  • Refined Brand Architecture, repositioned a B2B service provider in the Netherlands, and crafted an International Expansion Strategy for a retail giant in Belgium.
  • Analyzed Vodka market routes and developed a market tool across multiple countries.

Head of Brand (Interim)

2022 - 2023

Galvanina Group, Rimini, Italy

Marketing Lead (Fractional)


Galvanina Group, Rimini, Italy

Marketing Whisperer (Fractional)


Galvanina Group, Rimini, Italy

Regional Director Central and Eastern Europe / General Manager

2011 - 2011

Disaronno International, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Regional Manager/ Country Manager

2017 - 2010

Gruppo Campari, Bruxelles, Belgium/ Saint Martin, France/ Monaco, Montecarlo

Sr. Director End User Innovation (Interim)

2007 - 2007

Royal Philips, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


2005 - 2007

Auberon Growth Consultants, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


2003 - 2005

Plush Design, Barcelona, Spain

Consumer and Market Knowledge

1998 - 2001

Procter & Gamble, Brussels, Belgium


Doctor of Business Administration

2013 - 2015

INE PAN, Warsaw, Poland

Executive Program in economics and business.

Master of Business Administration

2001 - 2003

IESE Business School Barcelona, Spain

Bilingual MBA English Spanish. President of the Entrepreneurs Club.

Commercial Engineering

1992 - 1998

Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Naples, Italy

Summa cum Laude.

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