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17 seconds away ….

17 seconds away ….

…. from kick-starting innovation in your organization.

Seconds Away from kick-starting innovation

We have developed a new approach for kick-starting innovation within companies, given their status quo. Given the current level of talent, but independently of the company’s culture and given the current process for innovation. Why did we do that? Because, very often, we/ourselves are the biggest barrier to innovation. And often our inability to live the pressure and our compulsive need for short-term results, get in the way of long-term thinking. Changing a culture, developing an effective innovation funnel, nurturing the right pool of people, are very slow processes. And because of their speed, their effects are also taking time to showcase. Like ageing a good wine or a good whisky, building an innovative organization, does not happen overnight.


But now, and in parallel to the long term transformation, we have the opportunity of improving our innovation in the short-term. Our research has identified some levers, which can be quickly and almost effortlessly addressed, that have a direct impact on Creative Yield of an organization and its profitability. This entails that organization get better at Creative innovation throughput and what they launch and is successful, tends to be more profitable, once in the marketplace.


Our approach is based on our academic research with Polish Academy of Sciences, Cranfield School of Management, ESADE Business School and our field experience in driving innovation as consultants. This approach is proven successful in small and innovative start-ups as well as large and more established Fortune 500 firms.

The model

17 seconds is the time necessary to look at this model, and decide whether you want to kick start innovativeness in your organization or not.

inno-kick-1 The five innovation levers – as we called them – have different yet complementary effects, and depending on the current barriers to innovativeness within the organization, one might take precedence over others.


So are you ready jump-start innovation in your organization?



Growth Adviser, Innovation Catalyst, Branding Architect, International Expansion Consultant. International change agent and leader, launched growth consulting boutique in 2012. We have four principal areas or intervention 1) Branding (e.g., positioning of new brands, re-positioning of existing brands, brand architecture and design) 2) Innovation (e.g., co-creation with consumers and experts, ideation, business planning, concept validation and fine-tuning) 3) International Expansion (e.g., countries screening and development of expansion plan, route to market strategy, portfolio) 4) Route to Market (e.g. marketing and commercial planning, portfolio analysis).