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A Fractional Leader is a part-time executive who provides expertise to a company for a fraction of the time—and cost—of a full-time executive. They work with multiple companies simultaneously, offering strategic guidance, leadership, and specialized knowledge.

While Fractional Leaders and Interim Directors provide temporary leadership, their roles differ in scope and duration. A Fractional Leader is generally part of the team on a part-time, ongoing basis (a few hours a week or a few days a month), often focusing on strategic initiatives. In contrast, an Interim Director steps into a full-time role for a short period, typically to fill a sudden vacancy or lead specific projects until a permanent solution is found.

An Advisory Board is a group of external experts who strategically advise a company’s management. Unlike a Board of Directors, an Advisory Board does not have governance authority or fiduciary responsibilities. It offers expertise, guidance, and insights to help the company grow and navigate challenges.

Advisory Projects involve a company engaging external experts to advise on specific challenges or opportunities. These projects are tailored to the company’s needs, from strategic planning and market analysis to operational improvements and technology adoption.

The duration of an Interim role can vary widely depending on the company’s needs but typically lasts from a few months to over a year. The goal is to provide leadership and stability while the company seeks a permanent executive or completes a specific project.

A fractional role is often more flexible and long-term than an interim role, with engagements lasting anywhere from a few months to several years. The duration depends on the company’s evolving needs and the ongoing value the Fractional Leader brings to the organization.

Our team is equipped to work remotely, allowing us to be flexible and accessible to our clients, regardless of their location. We leverage technology to stay connected and ensure seamless collaboration.

Yes, we can work on-site at the client’s office when necessary or beneficial for the project. We strive for flexibility in our approach to meet each client’s needs.

The cost of a Fractional C-suite executive varies based on factors like industry, the complexity of the role, and the required time commitment. It’s generally a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive, offering a cost-effective solution for accessing top-tier talent.

Similar to Fractional C-suite roles, the cost for an Interim Director depends on the specifics of the assignment. Factors influencing the price include the role’s duration, the expertise required, and the nature of the project or challenge being addressed.

Our team’s availability varies, and we are always eager to discuss how we can support your business. Please get in touch with us directly to discuss your needs and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

We typically do not limit ourselves to exclusive industry engagements, as our broad expertise allows us to serve diverse clients. However, we are committed to avoiding conflicts of interest and can discuss any exclusivity requirements you may have.

Absolutely. We understand the importance of confidentiality in our work. Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is standard practice to ensure that all discussions and proprietary information remain confidential. We will be happy to sign your standard template after a review from our lawyers, or we can provide you with our template.

Our bread and butter are consumer industries, such as Food and Beverages, Beer, Spirits and Wines, and FMCG. However, we bring a wealth of experience across various industries, including technology, healthcare, cosmetics, and insurance. Our diverse expertise allows us to tailor our strategies and solutions to meet each sector’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Absolutely. We’re proud of our track record and have a collection of anonymized case studies that showcase our strategic impact across various industries. These examples highlight how we’ve helped businesses achieve their goals, and we’re happy to share them upon request.

Your confidentiality and data security are paramount. Beyond NDAs, we adhere to strict data protection protocols, ensuring all information shared with us is safeguarded with the highest standards of security and privacy practices.

Our engagement model is designed for flexibility to accommodate the varying needs of our clients. Whether you need part-time strategic input, a project-based engagement, or interim leadership, we can adapt our services to match your specific requirements and scale. Also, on the advisory side, we operate as a collective of independent advisors because we want to set up the best possible team based on your engagement, your industry, and the project’s geographical location. Unfortunately, very often, other boutique consultants tend to prioritize their own need to occupy free resources. We will not.

Initiating a new engagement begins with a discovery session or a kickoff workshop to understand your challenges, objectives, and the scope of work. From there, we outline a strategic plan, agree on KPIs, and establish communication protocols. We aim to ensure a smooth kickoff and a clear path forward.

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial in our work. We continuously invest in professional development, attend industry conferences, and leverage a network of thought leaders. This commitment ensures we bring the latest insights and innovations to your projects.

Our unique blend of deep industry expertise, flexible engagement models, and a client-centered approach sets us apart. We advise and immerse ourselves in your business, acting as true partners in your growth and success.

We take conflicts of interest seriously. Our policy includes a thorough vetting process for new engagements and transparent communication with all parties involved. Ensuring integrity and trust in our relationships is paramount.

We strive for flexibility and understanding in all engagements. Our contracts detail clear terms for cancellation or termination, including notice periods and any necessary final deliverables, ensuring a smooth and respectful conclusion to our partnership.

Client feedback is invaluable to us. We welcome it through regular check-ins, end-of-project reviews, and a dedicated contact for feedback. We’re committed to continuous improvement and genuinely act on our clients’ insights. We also urge our clients to submit feedback on Clutch.

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