Strategic Brand Pill


Accelerate your key branding competencies, by investing 30 minutes of your time, in an easy-to-follow, convenient, and accessible online video-on-demand. The pill focuses on Brand Positioning and Brand Architecture, providing tools and examples to tackle these two key pillars of Strategic Brand Design.


Key Features

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Most helpful for:

Students, Brand Professionals, Agencies, Consultants.

Knowledge Pills - Benefits

Convenient & Accessible

At your own pace, short video that you can re-watch as many times as you want, for 30 days from purchase. Presentation included in the purchase, available for download in PDF format.

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Video on Demand, based on Vimeo technology. Available 24h/7days. Accessible from any browser supported by Vimeo.

Key Reviews

Strategic Brand: Objective

The objective of this pill is to approach branding at a strategic level, by focusing on two critical dimensions of branding: Brand Positioning and Brand Architecture. In the pill, we introduce Brand Positioning by focusing on the Brand Key Model, which is one of the most helpful frameworks in analyzing and building positioning statements. Moreover, we introduce the Brand Architecture framework, by providing the pros and cons of each one of the model’s archetypes.

Strategic Brand: Examples

In the pill, we analyze some real-life examples and look at how brands leverage each of the components in real life. This allows us to understand the real-life consequences of the choices we take in the modeling, but also keeps the focus very practical.

Pill Structure

  1. What is a brand? Definitions and Examples
  2. Brand Architecture: archetypes (e.g., Branded House, Umbrella Brand, Endorser Brand, House of Brands). Examples of archetypes and mixed architectures
  3. Brand Positioning: presentation of the Brand Key Model, by component including Brand Roots, Competitor Analysis, COnsumer and Customer Insights, Benefits and RTBs, Values, DNA, Personality, Discriminator and Essence

Why now?

Strong brands consistently outperform the market. The world’s 40 strongest brands outperformed all other brands by a factor of 2x in the past 20 years.