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Managing Brand Equity is one of the most challenging aspects of a marketing job. Brand Equity is a complex notion with many components. In this pill, we consider Equity one element at a time, providing definitions and examples of making the most of each module. Conveniently on-demand.


Key Features

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Students, Brand Professionals, Agencies, Consultants.

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Convenient & Accessible

At your own pace, short video that you can re-watch as many times as you want, for 30 days from purchase. Presentation included in the purchase, available for download in PDF format.

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Video on Demand, based on Vimeo technology. Available 24h/7days. Accessible from any browser supported by Vimeo.

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Branding Bundle: Objective

This pill aims to build a clear and practical understanding of all the most important aspects of branding.

Pills Included

  1. Brand Equity
  2. Brand Purpose
  3. Brand Salience
  4. Brand Valuation
  5. Brand Archetypes
  6. Brand Design
  7. Strategic Brand Management
  8. Consumer Insights

Branding Bundle, Why now?

A convenient bundle, at a discount, and 30 days to learn the most important practical aspects in branding.