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Brand Purpose: Objective

This pill aims to build a clear and practical understanding of Purpose in Marketing by starting from the trends that make this domain relevant to consumers’ eyes. We then assess the differences between Marketing with Purpose and Purpose-driven Marketing by looking at relevant examples from global marketing leaders. Finally, we look at how it affects the development of a positioning statement in terms of Brand Strategy.

Brand Purpose: Examples

Many are examples of this pill. We, of course, consider Patagonia’s Don’t Buy this Jacket and the Tide’s Load of Hope campaigns, but also Persil’s Unicef partnership, Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches, and Ben & Jerry’s partnership with Colin Kaepernick’s foundation.

Pill Structure

  1. Purpose in Marketing: Definitions and Examples
  2. Marketing with Purpose vs. Purpose Branding: Definitions and Examples
  3. Examples

Why now?

According to an Ipsos Executive:

“Consumers are extremely savvy and can be cynical when it comes to marketing messages about purpose. It is really important that the brand purpose is linked to the brand’s reason for being and relates to the functionality of the brand and executed consistently throughout every part of the organisations operations.”

“The risk is, if you are not being honest, or authentic and transparent, the distinction between having brand purpose or brands trying to be purposeful will be understood by consumers, so you can’t fake it to make it.”

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