An audit of Zubrowka Brand Strategy, through the analysis of Zubrowka Brand Positioning.

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Zubrowka Brand Strategy - Zubrowka Brand Positioning - Zubrowka Brand Audit

Using our Brand Strategy key framework - the Brand Key - we look at Zubrowka strategy by analyzing the Zubrowka roots, targets, insights, benefits, RTBs, discriminator, personality, and essence.

The output is based on an external assesment - or a brand audit - of the brand strategy for Zubrowka, in which we take in consideration the marketing execution and press coverage for the brand. Au audit based on Desk Research and External experts interviews.

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There are two main reasons for this work: accessibility and inclusivity. We wanted this content to be easily accessible to everybody interested and actively looking for this information. We believe that access to consulting-grade intelligence on a brand strategy would be of interest for many individuals who have no consulting budgets. In addition to that, we wanted this to be inclusive by offering it at a value-driven price, affordable to most, and conveniently downloadable online.

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The brand positioning is based on an external point of view. We conduct sprint brand audits- through desk research and expert interviews - and none of this work is based on proprietary or confidential data. Each positioning or audit is based on generally available data. Technical: the file is in PDF format.

One of the most known vodka brands from Poland, with the peculiar bison grass blade from the Bialowieza Forest. The brand is part of the CEDC portfolio, which in 2022 passed from Russian Standard’s hands into Maspex Group.

Prior to the launch of Zubrowka Biala (White) – which is the grass-less version of the product, inspired by the white winters in the secular forest – the brand was forbidden in the US. As described in a WSJ article:

Distillers here have the American spirit—vodka from where the buffalo roam. But this cocktail has a twist: It’s banned in the U.S.

Now, after nearly a decade of work on two continents to formulate and brand a legal version of the alcohol, its producers are taking a shot at the American market. The booze, called Żubrówka, is unusual because it is flavored with a rare, pungent wild grass enjoyed by European bison. Each bottle has a blade of grass in it for the drinker to admire.

Bison grass grows in one of Europe’s most remote and pristine corners, in and around an ancient forest that straddles the border with Belarus. The vast primeval woods, protected by a special United Nations designation, are home to one of Europe’s last herds of bison, which are cousins of the American buffalo.

Żubrówka has been a Polish national drink for centuries and a cult favorite internationally for decades. But in the U.S., it’s taboo because the Food and Drug Administration prohibits a potentially toxic chemical that occurs naturally in bison grass, coumarin. Until recently, only a few black-market bottles were available, mainly in the Polish neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Chicago.

Since 2010 the vodka has grown among the top brands in the world, also thanks to the other line extensions, like Czarna (Black) – launched in 2016 and which is filtered from carbon from the same Bialowieza forest.