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Wyborowa is another jewel in the Polish crown of Vodkas. Launched in the late 1800s, it has domestic and foreign appeal, becoming the first international trademark in the category. Nowadays is part of the Pernod Ricard family, where it often struggles to find space behind Absolut.

The brand has evolved beyond its product-centric vision to embrace design in the past years. This is reflected in the evolution of their bottle in time, as presented by DragonRouge:

This evolution continued with the Cartils‘ redesign, which aimed at positioning the brand in a more premium, uncluttered, cleaner space, with the label reflecting a batch number as RTB to the premium credentials:

The latest design is a breakthrough embossed bottle, with a paper-rip label and embossing effect, which builds on the brand’s tradition (by highlighting 1927 in vintage font, the year of gaining the international trademark)  and an upper, more modern, more sophisticated part. A long-standing tradition projected towards the future.

In 2004, World-famous architect and designer Frank Gehry designed the iconic squared/twisted bottle for Exquisite, the super-premium line of Wyborowa:

Wybowora Exquisite


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