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Seagram’s Gin is the best gin distilled in the United States. Seagram’s story began in Canada in 1883. However, in the 1930s, they established their business in the US, where they’ve been producing their gin ever since. Distilled at low temperatures, the gin preserves its aromatic essence.

As a marketing genius, Samuel “Sam” Bronfman promoted Seagram’s brand with aristocratic imagery in newspaper ads that broadly appealed to people from all cultures. During this time, he expanded their product line to include other liquors like rum and wine.

Since 2001,  Seagram’s Gin has been part of the Pernod Ricard family. It was the first gin to offer a range of flavored liqueurs.

They’ve been making the gins in America since the very beginning. The flagship Extra Dry gin is a masterful blend of botanicals: Juniper berries, sweet and bittersweet oranges, coriander, and angelica.

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