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The company was named after Nemyriv, whose first vodka mention dates back to 1752.

When Count Grigory Strogin opened a distillery in 1872, his daughter, Princess Maria Scherbatova, continued the family business. She hired the Czech Architect Jiří Stibal, who designed many buildings for the city, including a brand new furnace. Under the leadership of Mariya Shcherbatova, Svetlana’s distillery reached record production levels – more than 5,000 50-ml bottles per day. The distillery in Nemirowka was the first to start producing alcohol from grain instead of potatoes. Products were transported throughout Russia and exported abroad.

In 1998, Nemiroff released an unusual vodka recipe, “Nemiroff Honey with Pepper,” which gained great popularity in Ukraine and worldwide and is still used as a symbolic souvenir from Ukraine.

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