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An audit of Monkey 47 Brand Strategy, through the analysis of Monkey 47 Brand Positioning.

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Monkey 47 Brand Strategy - Monkey 47 Brand Positioning - Monkey 47 Brand Audit

Using our Brand Strategy key framework - the Brand Key - we look at Monkey 47 strategy by analyzing the Monkey 47 roots, targets, insights, benefits, RTBs, discriminator, personality, and essence.

The output is based on an external assesment - or a brand audit - of the brand strategy for Monkey 47, in which we take in consideration the marketing execution and press coverage for the brand. Au audit based on Desk Research and External experts interviews.

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Students, Brand Professionals, Agencies, Consultants.

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There are two main reasons for this work: accessibility and inclusivity. We wanted this content to be easily accessible to everybody interested and actively looking for this information. We believe that access to consulting-grade intelligence on a brand strategy would be of interest for many individuals who have no consulting budgets. In addition to that, we wanted this to be inclusive by offering it at a value-driven price, affordable to most, and conveniently downloadable online.

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The Product

The brand positioning is based on an external point of view. We conduct sprint brand audits- through desk research and expert interviews - and none of this work is based on proprietary or confidential data. Each positioning or audit is based on generally available data. Technical: the file is in PDF format.

Monkey 47 ‘s story is attributed to an Indian-born British commander who was stationed in Germany during the Second World War. Inspired by the Black Forrest through the lens of his heritage, he combined British influence, Indian botanicals, and the natural flora of the German forests to create a complex gin called Schwarzwald Dry Gin. Along with the note “Max the Monkey.”

He also supported the fundraising of the Berlin Zoo, and during the course, he came to support Max. It may seem natural that years after his retirement, he retained an affinity for the monkey he sponsored; and when he made his own gin, he named it “Monkey.”

Monkey 47 boasts a whopping 47 botanicals, which makes it the most complex gin on the market. But to throw you another curveball, it‘s also built on a molasses base spirit.

Together with Malfy is now part of Pernod Ricard.