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Larios Gin focuses on enjoying the experience of drinking gin, rather than just drinking it.

Mediterranean Spirit goes beyond a specific place. It evokes an attitude, an attitude of living, feeling and enjoyment, in the company of an excellent gin.

Inspired by its 150-year old Spanish heritage, Larios is a premium brand for men. Born in Malaga, Larios has retained the fresh, pure character of its Mediterranean origin through a four distillation process and by fusing wild juniper, Mediterranean oranges, and strawberries. It’s a soft sweet, mild, and refreshing drink.

Want to know how Larios Gin became the brand it is?

As the a leading advisory, we work with Fortune 500 firms in strategy and positioning. Wondering why Larios Gin chose its logo? How about the reason behind its marketing execution? To answer these questions, we reverse engineer the Larios Gin brand for you.

By looking at its current design and user experience, we audit Larios Gin and identify the drivers behind its successes and shortcomes.

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