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One of the largest independent gin brands in the UK.
For over 250 years Greenalls Original Gin has been handcrafted by the oldest gin distillers in England. With seven generations of master distill­ers passing down the unique recipe, they’ve created a gold award-winning Gin, the heart of the Classic Gin and Tonic.

This secret blend of eight botanicals gives a traditional London Dry Gin with rich Juniper notes, balanced with matured citrus and spices.

Want to know how Greenhall’s Gin became the brand it is?

As the a leading advisory, we work with Fortune 500 firms in strategy and positioning. Wondering why Greenhall’s Gin chose its logo? How about the reason behind its marketing execution? To answer these questions, we reverse engineer the Greenhall’s Gin brand for you.

By looking at its current design and user experience, we audit Greenhall’s Gin and identify the drivers behind its successes and shortcomes.

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