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Alko launched the Finlandia brand in 1970. It is now owned and operated by the Brown–Forma­n Corporation.

Finlandia is a Finnish vodka brand. It is made from malt barley distilled into a neutral spirit in the village of Koskeenkorva in Ilma­joki, operated by Finland’s Altia Corporation. The distilled alcohol is transported from the distillery in Rajamäki, Finland, to a production facility in Nurmijärrvi, Finland, about 45 kilometers north of Helsinki, Finland. The spirit is bottled and blended with glace­ral water, flavored (except the classic non-flavor­ed edition, 101 and Platinum).

Since the original design of Tapio Wirkkala in the 70s, the bottle was always inspired by ice to highlight the purity of the water used in the vodka.

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