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Bevande Futuriste was born in 2014 in Treviso, after two years of research and development on the study of consumption outside the home in today’s modern and futuristic woman. Three partners: Alessandro Angelon, Elena Ceschelli, and Alberto Zamuner, are united by friendship and love for beauty in everything, with a strong experience in food and beverage. Cortese is the premium mixology line of Bevende Futuriste.

Bevande Futuriste Cortese

Want to know how Cortese became the brand it is?

As the a leading advisory, we work with Fortune 500 firms in strategy and positioning. Wondering why Cortese chose its logo? How about the reason behind its marketing execution? To answer these questions, we reverse engineer the Cortese brand for you.

By looking at its current design and user experience, we audit Cortese and identify the drivers behind its successes and shortcomes.

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