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Founded by a former investment banker, Bulldog Gin was created with a new attitude and an approach to the traditional, conservative world of super-premium gin. Inspired by his travels, the founder searched for an exotic blend of twelve botanicals from eight different countries that would create a harmonious flavor unique to Bulldog. Launched independently, first in New York and then rapidly expanding throughout Europe, it is now part of the Gruppo Campari family.

Bulldog, an ultra-premium gin made in London, is crafted in a smoked-grey colored bottle with broad shoulders and a spiked collar.

Bulldog Gin is made by distilling British wheat spirit, adding botanicals such as juniper berries, coriander seeds, cardamom pods, orange peel, angelica root, and more exotic ingredients like longans, lotus leaves, and poppy seeds. This combo makes a refreshing drink with a relaxing nature.


Bulldog Gin

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