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Belvedere Vodkas are a brand of Polish rye vodkas produced and distributed by LVMH. It was named after the Belvedere Palace in Warsaw, home to Polish royalty and Presidents.

The distillery that makes Belvedere was built in 1910. Production started in 1993 at the facility in Żyrardówek, Poland.

Small and intimate, Polmos Żyrardyński distillery delivers Belveder’s signature consistent qualities and is recognized by the European Commission for its aggressive sustainable agenda, reducing energy-related CO2 emissions by 42%.

Belvedere vodka is produced under the strictest regulations in the world. All production must take place on the territory of Poland, the spirit must be made from grain or potatoes, and nothing else can legally be added.
The strategy shifted towards a more sustainable approach in recent years, with a new tagline.

Polish rye and purified water, distilled by fire.

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