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Co-creating with Experts: Diageo’s Show your Spirit

Co-creating with Experts: Diageo’s Show your Spirit

Jinzu-winnerOne of the best example of co-creation with experts is the fruit of Diageo visionary innovation and branding strategy. ‘Show your spirits’ builds on the strength of the Diageo Worldclass platform for bartenders, by adding a twist to the standard competition. While all spirits companies are engaging bartenders in the world by involving them in all sorts of competitions (e.g. fair, performance, creating new cocktails, mastering the traditional repertoire) – with the ultimate purpose of getting the bartenders to drive consumption in the business – Diageo changed the rules of the game, by co-creating a new brand of spirits with the chosen one. Indeed a co-creation project for an innovation in a new category and a new brand. In 2013 the winning bartender is British born Dee Davies, with Jinzu a blend of gin and sake, building on the rhetoric and the imaginary of traditional Japanese simplicity.

This initiatives works well because it builds on the bartenders experience, their creativity by unlocking their potential with the unique competencies Diageo has in the production and marketing of spirits. While we hope for less competition based co-creation, as a competition really stands out from the very standardize formats all other spirits players are using. Also because the top mixologists tend to work with all sort of companies, and the names and the faces taking parts to these events, belong to the usual suspects.

Looking forward to tasting Jinzu!

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