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Co-creating online: The Network Innovation Challenge

Co-creating online: The Network Innovation Challenge

Co-creating online

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy (the Academy), inspired by the concept underpinning Acumen Challenges, sought to develop a model to challenge its own staff and collaborating partners, across a global network, to co-create more effectively online.

Working with Amati & Associates, the Academy worked towards creating a viable model that would enable multiple participants to come together during a facilitated time and space to work towards tangible outcomes and solutions. Co-creation is important to the Academy as we want to further enhance the way we work across our network to learn and share ideas. As a global network we recognise the challenges of remote working and that not all staff get to interact across the board on a regular basis. We were keen to break down barriers and create spaces that connected staff and recognised the diversity of skills and experience we have whilst gaining valuable inputs to shaping ideas. We felt setting up meaningful co-creation spaces would be empowering to staff and would allow more voices to be heard.

Kaya is the online learning platform of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. Here you will find online elearning and in-person workshops that will help you learn what you need to take you where you want to go, whether you are a professional humanitarian looking for career development, or a community member supporting the response a crisis in your own country.

The main objectives of our collaboration challenge model were:

  • Engaging the Academy network in problem solving a real-life challenge
  • Engaging staff in using different synchronous and asynchronous collaboration technologies
  • Creating an engaging, interactive and fun activity with tangible solutions to enhance the way we work
  • Team-building across the network

In practice we felt the challenge not only met these objectives but has provided us with a model that we can incorporate to our regular ways of working.

The feedback we received from staff regarding the challenge was very positive;

  • “I like that it was representative of real-life problem solving — using a multi-platform approach!”
  • “It was a great exercise that connected us and made us happy to be part of a really amazing network.”
  • “It was fantastic to have space to get to know colleagues that I haven’t worked as closely with before, have space to think and build on each other’s ideas but also just have fun!”

We are now refining our model based on learnings from our pilot and are preparing to roll out support materials so any staff member across our network is able to set up and run their own collaboration challenge.

Jill is a Partnership and Projects Officer at the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, a global learning initiative set up to facilitate partnerships and collaborative opportunities to enable people to prepare for and respond to crises in their own countries.