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Can you be disruptive without being digital?

Can you be disruptive without being digital?

Developing a start-up in the Real Estate Market in Spain

Meet Arad Edrey-Lavie, managing director NuvoBarcelona, Unique Advisory For International Investors In Barcelona. After 10 years of developing telecom and telecom related service, Arad saw a crazy opportunity, developing a real estate company for foreign investors in the crashed Spanish market. Visionary or fool? We asked him few questions to formulate our point of view.

A&A: Why NuvoBarcelona?

Arad: Entrepreneur for the past 15 years, I created Nuvobarcelona four years ago to help people make the best investments decisions in Barcelona and make sure they had all the tools to choose wisely their property.

A&A: Traditional property brokers and advisory, focus on the transaction, and when the deal is closed, they move to the next transaction. What’s your approach?

Arad: Constant and continuous advising on the best asset options is the way to reach the highest ROI and capital gains. The goal is to protect client’s interests and investment ensuring constant monitoring of the real estate market, the state of the economy and the evolving legislative environment. We wanted to provide our clients with our wealth of experience and knowledge as we believe that the success of any real estate project depends on the execution. For the past several years, we have played a vital role in the success of real estate investments in Barcelona in hotel, commercial, residential, retail and parking lot projects.

A&A: What makes you unique?

Arad: We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals, covering all aspects of the real estate investment value chain: legal, fiscal, property management, construction, architecture and interior design. We have over 10 years of proven experience across a broad spectrum of commercial and residential investments, including boutique hotel development, parking lot projects, and high-end retail optimization. We specifically tailor our services to foreign individual and corporate investors seeking lucrative opportunities in the greater Barcelona real estate market. The broad experience and deep knowledge of our multidisciplinary team ensure the success of any real estate project. Our methodology is to offer a comprehensive solution to their clients, starting with matching client’s investment objectives with residential or commercial real estate opportunities. To meet their client’s highest expectations, they conduct in-depth research and feasibility studies of potential projects.

A&A: What makes Barcelona so attractive from an investment point of view?

Arad: Barcelona is renowned for its stunning architecture and is a metropolitan business hub of Spain contributing 20% of Spain’s GDP per capita exceeding the European average by 14%, an attractive option for property investment. The city has a truly cosmopolitan vibe with foreign residents making up 17% of the total population. Barcelona is the 4th top European urban area for foreign investment projects. Nuvo Barcelona bridges the gap between property investors and real estate opportunities in Barcelona.Investing in property can be a daunting process, and it’s our goal to provide a simple end to end service to foreign investors. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists can provide all the necessary advice and execution to ensure a smooth investment journey.

A&A: What’s next?

Arad:Our team and activities are constantly evolving and growing, always with the same goal, to ensure the best quality service possible for our clients. We feel like it would be a good moment to expand to other dynamic and exciting real estate markets like Madrid, or Lisbon.


In conclusion

Market making entities, such real estate brokers, have the tendency to put themselves at the center of their ecosystem. Both sellers and buyers are often treated as pawns, with a short term interest. If you look at the point of view of a (foreign) investor in a real estate market, you are probably less likely to know the law (and a good local lawyer), to fully understand the ramification at fiscal level of the transaction, and you can’t be physically in the country every time maintenance is required in the property you want to buy. At Nuvo Barcelona the focus was the customer, and its journey. They identified all the possible hurdles, before, during and after the transaction. And they developed a service offering which aims at solving each single one of them. So at Nuvo Barcelona they maintain a pool of interior designers, plumbers, construction companies, lawyers, tax accountants,…. By looking at the needs of their customers, and mapping the customer journey they develop a winning offering, which allows their customers to scout, buy, finance, renovate and then rent and maintain their properties from abroad, by providing them a good return on investment and peace of mind. No digital transformation required.







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