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From insights development and validation to market entry strategy

Innovation is a big concept – and a fairly misunderstood one. Many so-called innovation experts promote a view of organizations which are mostly made by non-innovative people, whose only objective is to corner innovative employees to challenge their ability to effect change.

We believe that every organization can innovate, although a company’s DNA, culture, reward system, heavily impact the success rate and likelihood of an innovative idea.

We work with our clients as innovation catalyst, by offering the extra muscle when they have too many parallel priorities, or by proposing a different point of view, when an innovation project requires an external perspective.

Project Examples

Business Model Innovation

  • Identify new and more profitable business models
  • “Kill your business model before it kills you

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Digital Transformation

  • Identify opportunities to promote innovation through rewards,collaboration, cultural changes,…
  • Adopt best practices

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Making Innovation Happen

  • Unconvincing track record in innovating
  • System killing innovation rather than promoting it
  • Fear of innovating…

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Process Audit

  • Is your process enabling or killing innovation?
  • Measuring and benchmarking the innovation funnel
  • Manage through measures

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Brand Driven Innovation

  • Identify growth opportunities based on insight platforms and brand strengths
  • Brand as a filter and as a platform

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Product Innovation

  • Design thinking meets strategy consulting modeling
  • Growth Catalyst
  • Been there, done that syndrome

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Co-creation and Co-design

  • Identify opportunities to promote innovation through rewards, collaboration, cultural changes,…g
  • Develop customer-centric relevant solutions

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  • Identify significant changes in value, needs and social and cultural drivers for consumption
  • Develop a so-what for the category
  • Prioritize and streamline investment areas for a long horizon

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